THE HEALTHY LIFE FORUM: TOWARDS 80+ – is a priority platform for direct dialogue between government agencies and the expert community, and for jointly seeking (and developing) practical proposals on the implementation of national programmes and projects to increase life expectancy in Russia.

The Forum is supported by the Russian Federation Ministry of Health.

In line with the executive order issued by the President of the Russian Federation on 7 May 2018, Number 204, ‘On National Targets and Strategic Development Goals for the Russian Federation for the Period to 2024’, the Russian Government was instructed to ensure the national development goals for Russia for the period to 2024 are achieved, including: Increasing the expected lifespan to 78 years by 2024 (and to 80 years by 2030)

The Forum will include a business programme, presentations, and exhibitions enabling participants to discuss the key questions and develop practical solutions on issues relating to demographic development, protecting people’s health, and raising living standards. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn more about innovative projects in healthcare, and to network with other people working in this sector.

13 February 2019 – the first day of the Russian Investment Forum, Main Media Centre, Sochi, Adler, Russia

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