The «Legal Issues in Pharmaceutical Industry» Conference

The current environment pushes all industries to face a new reality. This is particularly true in the case of the pharmaceutical industry, as it has lately been concerned with a number of adopted enactments and laws. Market participants note that emerging support measures, in line with the adoption of respective enactments and their implementation thereof, would entail risks that outweigh the possible advantages, while judicial practices prove to be inconsistent. All of this negatively affects the national investment climate. It is important to note, that public agencies, professional communities, and pharmaceutical companies still maintain a dialog, which is becoming more open and clear as never before.

The following issues will be raised at the conference

  • Change in the pricing rules for medications from the list of vital and essential drugs. Procedure for updating the list of vital and essential drugs.
  • Improvement of legislation and regulations governing the organization and conduct of state procurement. Analysis of law enforcement practices. Violations overview.
  • Possibility of restoring the rights of the participant in the purchase of medicines. Experience of pharmaceutical companies.
  • The breach of intellectual rights. The possibility to determine the fair size of (compensation) losses incurred by the rights holder.
  • Competitive legislation and intellectual property legislation. The effective use of compulsory licensing.
  • A legal assessment of various compulsory licensing tools. Risks VS advantages.
  • The parallel import of pharmaceutical products: budget-saving against shrinking foreign investments and the spread of infringing goods. Measures of protection against such risks.
  • Regulation of online pharmaceutical sales. View of the government and business community, expert advice and suggestions.

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