Medical Call-Up 2020

Site: медпризыв

Phone: 8 (800) 100-17-69


  • Provide additional human and other resources to the healthcare system, reducing mortality from coronavirus infection and its complications.
  • Assistance to doctors, middle and junior medical staff at healthcare facilities across Russia where patients diagnosed with coronavirus infection are treated – by medically educated volunteers.

Volunteer movement organization:

  • Recruit from 1,000 to 2,000 volunteers with higher and secondary medical (pharmaceutical) education in Russian cities within one or two weeks.
  • Recruit volunteers through the project website or project partners using the questionnaire and subsequent personal interview by the project team within one or two weeks.
  • Train volunteers using expedited approach via e-learning platform provided by the MoH and face to face at the medical universities or hospitals to the initiation of volunteer work.
  • Test knowledge and skills of volunteers before initiation of hospital work and throughout the project.
  • Broad use of remote learning and testing.
  • Assign successfully trained and tested volunteers to medical facilities.
  • Regularly monitor and adjust the work of volunteers taking into account the epidemiological situation in their medical facility and the city. Replace volunteers throughout the project, if necessary.


  • Project team.
  • Technical and IT support.
  • Initial selection and interviewing –project team.
  • Training program and final tests – federal MoH, medical universities.
  • Facilities for face to face training of volunteers, if necessary – medical universities or regional MoH.
  • Meals to volunteers at medical facilities – at the expense of such facilities (subject to approval).
  • Transportation for volunteers to travel to the workplace – at the expense of volunteers, their employers, and sponsors.
  • Personal protective equipment to volunteers – at the expense of medical facilities and/or employers, sponsors.
  • Upon completion of the project, provision of Diplomas of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation to successful volunteers, with a recommendation to their employers to pay bonuses or other incentives.
  • Additional benefits for the volunteers: expanded life and long term sickness insurance, 100% salary preserved in case of sickness leave, guaranteed return to current job.


  • Reduction in mortality from coronavirus infection and its complications.
  • Reduced staff shortages and the overall burden on medical staff in medical facilities during peak periods.
  • Improved delivery of care in infectious disease hospitals and departments through optimized resource allocation of medical staff and volunteers.
  • Creation of a database of former healthcare professionals ready to act as volunteers for possible recruitment in emergency situations in future.